If it becomes severe, ‘flare up of Fire of Liver’ – ie Liver Fire (that’s the wonderfully flowery way Chinese medicine often describes syndromes!) A compound derived from a traditional Chinese herbal medicine has been found effective at alleviating pain, pointing the way to a new nonaddictive analgesic for … Read more: Got a hangover? Flu, common cold and other respiratory infections occur due to two factors, namely the entrance of an external pathogen into the human body, and a deficiency in the immune system that permits the entry. ©2019 LANSHIN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The tongue is an indicator of the hot or cold nature of the imbalance and it is less affected by immediate circumstances than the pulse. The Treatment of Facial Flushing and Hot Flashes with Acupuncture. Chinese medicine differentiates two types of acne: heat in the lungs and stomach, and stagnation of phlegm with dampness and blood stagnation. FAQ. Breakouts on the chin and jawline … It is true that the eyes are the window to the soul and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the face is the map which decodes the mind, body, and soul’s silent language. The Asian flush is best known for creating a lobster-red face and neck when people drink alcohol, but the condition also results in a heightened heart rate, headache and nausea. This patient complains of blurred vision which is worse when he is tired. Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine 2006;13(3):62-63. The difference between heat and fire is temperature. ... Heat can give you a red, hot, flushed face, the desire to drink cold water, sensations of heat throughout your body, and feelings of restlessness. The season associated with the Kidney is the Winter so it’s especially important to slow down and conserve energy by getting more rest! Mien Shiang - Chinese Face Reading : Chinese Medicine Living Learn about the TCM approach to nail health. Both traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine suggest some common symptoms, including low body temperature with flushing over the face and a contracted scrotum; however, Western medicine does not describe these symptoms . Kidney yin deficiency is associated with sore back, leg weakness, tinnitis and vertigo. Posted in: Well-Being,