We share a common goal: to see… .. There’s a small window of time from when the needles turn and fall off. The ridge walk provides some of the best views in Kananaskis Country – at its highest point reaching 8,750 feet. Pocatterra Ridge is an incredible one-way ridge hike that offers incredible views and you don’t have to retrace your steps on the way back. Pocaterra Ridge. Link. Pocaterra Ridge… no. This stunning display of color happens in late September and if you blink, you’ll miss it. As summer fades all too quickly from the memories of Albertans, the upper elevations of the Rocky Mountains contain a feast for the senses in the form of golden larch trees. Twenty other amazing larch hikes in the Canadian Rockies: Boulder Pass (Skoki Area, Banff National Park) 13.9km rt to Skoki Lodge. Rocaterra Ridge is a 7-mile hike in Kananaskis Country. Pocaterra Ridge. It’s a great thing to do in Banff in the autumn. Drivers will shuttle cars to the south end of the route at Highwood Pass. Located near Highwood Pass in Kananaskis, Pocaterra Ridge is home to tons of larches. This is the bowl beneath the ridge. The photos in Gillean Daffern’s wonderfully colourful new edition of the Kananaskis Country Trail Guide provided me with even more motivation to return to the cirque that I had already visited 5 times. Burstall Pass (Kananaskis) 16.4km rt. Larch season and rumour has it that Pocaterra Cirque is a good location to see the trees in their yellow state, as well as other autumn colours. Read our trip report of one of the most stunning Larch hikes. This hike is gorgeous without too much effort required to enjoy it. During the fall I find the biggest treat is the changing of the larch trees and the beautiful contrast they provide against the landscape with their intense golden yellow colors. Pocaterra Ridge. The vibrant yellow colours that paint the mountainsides are so beautiful to look at, it’s hard not to fall in love with the larch trees that cause this stunning scenery. Boasting some of the best Larch viewing in the Rockies, Fortress Mountain also offers incredible nature-watching experiences, with grizzly bears and eagles making appearances. From the mountain views to the pristine lake and golden larches in the fall, it’s a perfect half-day out. Over six hours, you climb 985 m of elevation to enjoy airy ridge walking. Address: Kananaskis, AB T0L 0K0. All the while, you’ll be hiking along a ridge with sprawling peaks and valleys on all sides. Why You Need To Go: The hike to this beloved mountain may be steep but the nature scenes that will surround you are every bit worth your time. Located in Kananaskis Country, Pocaterra Ridge is a solid day hike at 12 km long (roughly five to seven hours). Hit up Pocaterra Ridge from the Highwood Pass parking lot and hike 11 kilometres along the ridge for some of the best views in the area. Wintour and the Opal Range. Read our trip report of one of the most stunning Larch hikes. We could smell rain in the air and knew we'd best hurry to get off the ridge. Although the hike is quite lengthy, the view on top of the summit, which overlooks rolling mountains and vast hills, is one not to be missed. Pocaterra Ridge is one of the most stunning trails in Kananaskis. There are some, but not many. Pocaterra Ridge in fall with larches at peak colour: You’ve gotta get high to find larches – they grow above 1,800 metres (5906 feet) – but it’s worth it in autumn when the needles turn from green to gold. Difficulty: Difficult. Regardless, the scenery of Highwood Pass can’t be beat any time of year. May 15, 2020 - One of the most beautiful hikes in the Canadian Rockies, Pocaterra Ridge will blow you away. That turned out to be a good decision. Below Packers the snow thins significantly. Chester Lake to Three Lakes Valley (Kananaskis) 15.3km rt. Not only did we find a few more early golden larch trees, but we also enjoyed an unobstructed view of Pocaterra Cirque, which was still covered in snow. The Pocaterra Ridge hike is something that Louise and I had talked about doing for years, and last week we finally had a chance to do it. While the views won’t be as expansive as on the ridge, you’ll still see some amazing larches and fall colours. Hike down from here and meet up with friends in the Highwood Pass parking lot to enjoy a celebratory beverage. But the ridge is above treeline, and not walking in the larches, whereas the access route to the start of the ridge is good. I had visited the area a few weeks prior to see the larches, and Pocaterra Ridge certainly makes a wonderful larch hike around the third week of September. Depending on the month, this can also be a good area to spot Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. You will get the chance to see beautiful golden larches, the last of the summer’s wildflowers, and a lovely lake. You will gain approximately 764 m of elevation while enjoying magnificent larches along the way and some of the best views in the area. One of the best places to experience this is Pocaterra Ridge, located in the Highwood Pass of the Kananaskis region in … When the needles start to turn yellow this is one of the first places you should head. in Kananaskis, but they are particularly spellbinding in the autumn. North of Lynx was snowmobile roller packed on Dec. 10th, expect early season conditions (thin base, uneven terrain, exposed roots/rocks) on this section. Enjoy dramatic views of Mt. We completed Pocaterra Ridge as a shuttle hike. Length: 7.9 km one-way Elevation gain: 250 m Trailhead: Pocaterra Hut parking lot along Hwy 40. A group of us met at the Highwood Pass parking lot that morning. 2) If you want an easier, shorter hike and don’t wish to complete the Pocaterra Ridge trail, you can easily hike to Pocaterra Cirque.