Calculating a pool's area in square feet is the first step in determining information including pool gallons, maximum capacity of persons and other important information about your pool. Width. Knowing this, you can return to the formula: 3.14 x radius squared x average depth x 7.5 = volume (in gallons), 3.14 x 25 ft x 3 ft x 7.5 = 1766.25 gallons. Length. A simple method of calculating pool size is the use of geometric formulas. // -->. Thursday Pools Headquarters. Maintenance. Let's do the tricky part first. First, you can imagine the pool or hot tub as a combination of smaller, regular shapes. One part per million (ppm) represents 8.3 pounds of chemical per million gallons of water. Our team at Pool Research walks you through how to figure out what size pool pump you need with our nifty calculator. The diameter of the tub is 10 feet. shallow end ft. please enter a value. Equipment. Remember to measure from the depth of the water rather than the height of your wall. Please Enter Width In Foot. width (b) ft. please enter a value. million parts of water, or 3 ppm. Sand Calculator. Materials required are 7 nos. However, one gallon of chlorine, for example, poured into one million gallons of water does not equal 1 ppm. x 0.0833). What is the Filter Flow Rate? To Calculate Yardage needed for your project enter the Width of Circle and Depth. Length x width x depth x 7.5 = volume (in gallons). Please give us a call! This Pool Cost Estimator from Pool Warehouse will help you determin how much concrete, pool crete and other materials are need for an inground pool kit. Here are some common sandbox sizes. Convert your sandbox measurements into bulk play sand weight with our volume calculators.