2 thoughts on “ Overlord Vol. In addition, he could always send Pandora’s Actor over. Cocytus went to his hands and knees, prostrating himself on the ground. This is not a formal interview. It can’t be helped. Pay no heed to what Zenberu says here and forget it.”. The beginning of the volume starts off in another kingdom , the Dwarf Kingdom. I was forced to do so by my circumstances.”, “Even if that was the case, your perspective should have been broadened by seeing the world. 7,99 € Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 5,99 € Goblin Slayer, Vol. • 5 5. comments. Fantastic series with great depth and plot! The memories fell like powdery snow, filling his heart with bliss. When he excluded the emotional side of the issue from his considerations, the NPCs were the ideal choice. Tension filled the air amidst the fearsome silence, which was broken only by the threatening sounds from Cocytus. 6,26 € Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Volume 2. That had brought him to the northernmost tip of the lake. Do. Information was more valuable the more hidden it was. Ainz nodded in satisfaction to the deeply bowing Cocytus, and then looked back at Zenberu. Ainz was reminded of how warriors breathed when they were about to launch an attack. Were the runes in this world the same as those in Suzuki Satoru’s world? “I appreciate your eagerness, but you should calm yourself down, Shalltear. Ainz knew many techniques to escape a situation like that. They stretched poorly and did not feel comfortable when worn. Official digital English-language manga are available on MyAnimeList. Then, what about these runes? share. A knock came from the door just as she said this. Ainz had selected the elder sister of the twins because she could keep Shalltear in line. when he suddenly realised that Cocytus was about to make a move and stepped in to block him. Then, to commemorate the birth of a child with a glorious future ahead of him, permit me to present a gift. Why do I have to teleport over there in person to prove my identity? Could it be that idiots can’t find the answer no matter how much they think? An hour ago, he was still thinking about visiting the Dwarven Kingdom with just himself and Aura for company. Aura was quite aware of the feelings contained within Shalltear’s voice, which was unusual for her. “Come search for the Dwarven Kingdom of the Azellisian Mountain Range.”. Should he openly display his ignorance, or pretend that he knew? Shortly after that, a Lizardman fearfully poked its head out from within. We can then dig out the necessary information from the debris. After that permission — given with mixed feelings — was granted, the Lizardmen looked back up, as though they had come back to life. He told me that he had lived in the Dwarven city for some time.”, “Is that so. Ainzach aside, you’d think Fluder wouldn’t want to waste time on other matters, considering the book which I gave him. At the same time, he made a mental note to contact Albedo about this with a [Message]. Accomplished. Have. In truth, it was very uncomfortable. It should be fine to bring him out with Pandora’s Actor around, but Ainz had some doubts about.his fighting ability. None of them looked worried, or had any expressions that could be considered anywhere close to negative. How should he answer? Unlike how they had been when they were merely data, the NPCs now had minds and the capacity for independent thought. r/Overlord Survey 2020 (Results) 153. Following that, Ainz ordered Decrement to have the Lizardman tell him why he had come here. Meme. Until then, he would have to amply prepare himself. In addition, his perspective was unlike his subordinates, who tended to view those outside of Nazarick as inferior lifeforms. The two Guardians replied in the affirmative. In any case, Ainz had Decrement command the Lizardman to identify himself. Can I entrust that task to you then, Zenberu?”, “I understand, Your Majesty. I wish to visit the Dwarven Kingdom. When he used [Message], neither of them believed that he was Ainz, so he had no choice but to [Teleport] to where they were and speak to them in person. The Dwarven city was underground, in the depths of a cavern, so he should be able to lead him there as long as the mountain’s terrain did not change. Ainz could still vividly recall the bizarre mood in the air, generated by everyone as they realised almost all the prismatic ores had disappeared, and in their place was an item which had rolled to the ground. “Then, let’s get to work on our own accounts. “This may not concern your village, but what do you know about the Dwarves of the Azellisia Mountain Range?”. Ainzach knew that there was a Dwarven Kingdom in the Azellisia Mountain Range, but he was not sure of its location. Usually, that would entail an extremely difficult process, but Ainz Ooal Gown had accomplished it once. Pretty attractive, no? On top of that, Cocytus seemed to be huffing and puffing in excitement, leaking an ever-thickening white mist, so it looked as though someone had sprinkled water on dry ice and the vapors were billowing out from between Ainz’s legs. While he had already dispelled the magical field surrounding this building, the person passing through the [Gate] did not appear right away, thanks to the [Delay Teleportation] spell he had cast. If a player launches an attack, it will be a. for us to mount an invasion in turn. Ainz chuckled, and Cocytus spoke again, confused. Of course, lowering the defenses meant that enemies could teleport in as well. v11 epilogue. A distressed look appeared on Cocytus’ face. Just as Ainz said so, knocking came from the door, followed by Decrement going over to check on the visitor. Because of that, I would like to hear what you think and feel about the ever-changing world that lies ahead of you.”, “I became a Traveler because I felt that things could not go on as they had. …Should I get Albedo and Demiurge’s opinion on this, and ready our forces for a full-scale operation? Said orders were to inform the undead guarding the great hall of this manor about the arrival of a Lizardman via [Gate]. What Ainz truly wanted to hear right now was a carefully reasoned reply about the pros and cons of Ainz’s statement, which was what a proper adult would have said. Overlord Manga Volume 11 is the eleventh volume of the Overlord Manga adaptation by Satoshi Ōshio, and illustrated by Hugin Miyama. Therefore, Ainz rolled the scroll back up and gave it to a Death Knight who was standing nearby. That is for the best. I seem to have considered that from a human’s point of view. Aura — and the monsters she commanded— could be considered an ideal choice for the role of a tank. Zenberu’s reaction was only natural considering what he had done to this village. [Prologue]. Perhaps if they had established good relations back then, the matter of vassalage might not have come up at the arena. The balcony was located on the tallest building in this city. In order to avoid this, they had to take the initiative and make the first move. We may need to spend the next few years, no, the next few decades on technological development. Ainz qualified as a moderate among the members of Nazarick. The supplicant might well smirk as he noted that the ruler doing so was accompanied by just a single maid. Tell me everything.”, “It’s fine, Cocytus. Her.”, “That was a punishment for her. I just want to conduct some friendly negotiations.”, 『Ah, I see! Then, I shall be taking a seat, Cocytus.”. Ainz did not really know how well Cocytus had done, so typically he would give these reports a quick once-over and reply with a “Good job.” There were times that he wanted to say, “You don’t have to do this anymore”, but reporting to one’s superiors was the proper attitude to have, and in turn, he had to fulfil his responsibilities as Cocytus’ superior. If that’s a profession which is unique to this world, then there’s a chance that the technology of both worlds might be combined into one. Practice. Ainz Ooal Gown dies. Ainz was mildly discomforted by Cocytus’ suggestion. Kugane Maruyama Overlord, Vol. “Then, I shall appoint Zenberu as my guide, and we shall prepare to set out according to what he has told me. 11 (manga) 11,99 € Produktbeschreibung. He would have to consider the matter in earnest after seeking the opinions of Albedo and Demiurge. I am simply saying that you should broaden your minds. Twelve volumes have been published since July 30, 2012. In the end, the only person he could count on was Zenberu the Lizardman. The story begins with the last day of Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is being quietly shut down. Decrement placed the apple juice which Aura requested on the small table between the two sofas. I should have discussed all this with Demiurge beforehand. Bringing Shalltear along does fulfil a requirement for combat power, but there is another reason for that.”. If Ainz willed it, then no blame could be attached to the servants of Nazarick for their actions. But what if there was a player behind these runes? Ainz indicated to the still-kneeling Cocytus that he should rise. Overlord, Vol. “I understand. Now that they had to vassalize the country which they appeared to have had the best relations with, their name would live in infamy if they ended up waging war on the Dwarves as well. Having no parents, friends, or place in society, this ordinary man strives to take over the new world the game has become. Under normal circumstances, most people would be upset at a maid in a palace (or a similar location) taking this tone with them. “All right, then. In addition, there was another reason why he wanted to use Shalltear. Answer. Hardcover. Ainz rose from his throne, and spoke to the Lizardman. Ainz smiled bitterly as he watched Decrement go to answer it. Epilogue. “—May your servant venture a question, Your Majesty?”, “Why is Zaryusu worthy of such high praise?”. 4.10 Volume 10: Pengatur Konspirasi; 4.11 Volume 11: Negeri para Dwarf; 4.12 Overlord Special - Pleiades Days; 4.13 Volume 12: Paladin dari Holy Kingdom; 4.14 Volume 13: Paladin dari Holy Kingdom; 4.15 Volume 14: Penyihir dari Kerajaan yang Jatuh (The Witch Of The Falling Kingdom) 5 Staff Proyek; 6 Translator; 7 Editor; 8 Series Overview Once you leave this place, no trace of the events here will linger in anyone’s thoughts or memories. If we must have followers — Shalltear, can I bring your Vampire Brides with us?”, “There is no need to ask. Perhaps they thought Ainz was making a joke, but quiet laughter came from the ranks of the Lizardmen. The story begins with the last day of Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is being quietly shut down. It began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s manga magazine Comp Ace. Yuri Kitayama. “Be at ease. The. I feel that the Dwarven Kingdom will think poorly of you if you do not bring handmaidens with you, Ainz-sama.”. But I have already said that it is fine. Please accept my felicitations on the birth in the family. It would not be good to force Shalltear to do things she does not want to do.”, “Obeying you is what we should do, Ainz-sama!”, “…Don’t you think it would be wrong to make her do something that goes against Peroroncino-san’s wishes? Traditionally speaking, those in power have always brought followers with them to handle miscellaneous tasks. This time, I shall entrust a weighty duty to you.”, “Umu. Have you considered the fact that your betrayal might end up destroying all the Lizardmen in the village as well?”, “…I trust you would not really do that, Your Majesty?”. This. That is all. 『Yes, Ainz-sama! be quite damaging if they, as his collaborators, were deceived in such a way. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Decisions. — looked around, his line of sight met that of Ainz, who was seated upon the simple throne in the middle of the great hall. The quicker the change, the more the older generation will whine and reject it.”. The last thing he asked about was the distance to the Dwarven city. Ainz paid it no heed. They were a set of coarsely-designed coveralls, stitched together from sturdy cloth. Take. The reason why he had not given Shalltear an opportunity like this until now was because the situation had been very dangerous, and also because there was no time for such things. Brought. At the same time, avoiding magical surveillance was very important. I now command you — tell me what you want within a week’s time, limited to material objects. …Also, what if I could get them to export weapons to the Sorcerous Kingdom so our adventurers could acquire them at a lower price? The adventurers standing at the front exchanged glances with their teams, and then they gathered up their courage and plunged boldly through the wall of fire. In Stock. At that time, if she had fought properly, even I might not have been able to beat her.”, “—No, it’s not like that. Cocthrone is #1. Chapter 1: Preparing for the Unknown Land. Other players might have asked the Dwarves to help develop technologies or commissioned weapons from them, and in the process they would have learned about their application of runes. The fact that the first thing she asked was where to open a [Gate] was terribly sad. Overlord, Vol. “Yes, Your Majesty. He was used to such genuflection now that he was more experienced in playing the role of a superior being. “It’s been so long… but at last, I can make up for my past failure and let everyone know that Shalltear Bloodfallen can be of use to everyone!”. “Thank. Among those are weapons and armor made of very rare metals.”. Want to read the Overlord (light novel) (Overlord)? Questions. Heard. The Copy Rights to this story belong to author Maruyama Kugane. [Control Amnesia] might well be able to clear things up. If he could get a rarely-seen Lizardman in there, it might end up being good for publicity, like an idol enrolling in a school. While none of them would actually express displeasure at his choice of words, that did not mean Ainz could casually make mistakes. While his physical abilities might not have improved, other parts of him were still growing. Under Shalltear were 25 undead beings, each around level 80 … The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down on its last day. There’s no way you could make it if you put the ores up for sale.