… Salaverria, who was named as one of the 500 most influential Spaniards, has been involved with two research projects — one involving 12 Spanish universities and more than 20 researchers concerning the impact of digitalization and the Internet on journalism. In this updated and expanded edition of the acclaimed Economics and Financing of Media Companies, leading economist and media specialist Robert G. Picard employs business concepts and analyses to explore the operations and activities of media firms and the forces and issues affecting them.Picard has added new examples and new data, and he covers such emerging areas as the economics of digital media. This introductory chapter explains that there is a widely shared understanding of the imperative nature of media convergence, which is based on different notions connecting positive goals such as efficiency, synergy, simplification, information abundance, participation, availability and multimodality. Its simple, it is the convergence of a new method of story telling reported by journalists. The way we create, consume and engage with content has come a long way. So, for example, if Joe Bloggs is sitting on a train on the way to work, it might be most convenient for him to receive the news on his mobile phone. Impact of Convergence on Journalism. Egyptian media organizations are going through incremental changes rather than radical ones. Abrahamson, S, 2018, ‘Journalism is far from death’, The Spectator, retrieved 4 August 2018,