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What if the student is late (or not late)? Sometimes students are not yet connected to the Internet when they enter the session (red dot in the upper right corner). Your pre algebra tutor on the choose online pre algebra tutor. This means that there may be a problem with a slow relationship or maybe leaving the meeting altogether. While waiting for the students, you can look for other means of communication, such as: Example: B. Remind students to attend the meeting. In this case, do the following: 1. Wait a while before doing anything. Students may be late. 2. Use the “Send Memory” button in the upper right corner at 1:00 a.m. sending an email to remind students. You can add a private message if you want. 3. Send a short message to chat, to find out if students have relationship problems. “Hey, are you trying to connect?” (This can happen when learners are connected to devices, not computers.) 4. Although this is unlike most, readers appear when they receive an email reminding them that they do not have to spend time looking at the black screen. However, just adjust the volume to hear it on arrival and update the page regularly so there are no communication problems. 5. If you are late, decide that you want to finish the session within the allotted time. (OK, if you have a different session / commitment) or if you have more time, you can add a few minutes 6. If the student does not arrive at all: wait 30 minutes, then fill out the online form with the “Join me” section and add a short message to the “Other comments” section. For example. “Sorry we remembered you today!” We look forward to your next lesson! ” Remember that you will continue to receive compensation for the meeting.