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In effect, we are the ones who ensure that chess makes a good “first impression.”  While the overwhelming majority of chess programs may―to varying degrees―do a fine job of teaching the mechanics of the game, strategy and overall board consciousness, we on the other hand are far more concerned with encouraging life masters than we are chess masters.  We do this by teaching children how to apply the lessons of the board to their every day critical decision making.

When a child enters the world of chess, they are entering the “gymnasium of the mind.” As you well know, the refining of a child’s character is a daily challenge and should you  allow us to be some small part of your child’s development. We commit to teaching your child the game of chess and to showing them how to apply the valuable lessons of the game to their everyday life.

Phase I of our program is actually a 32 week intensive program broken up into four separate 7 week segments (plus one 4 week Grand Match Gala Prep Session) designed to immerse and fortify your child in the fundamentals of chess and ChessLife Strategies™, the life skills component of our teachings. Should you maintain your child’s  presence in our program for 32 consecutive weeks, we will do our part to ensure that they finish the school year confident and proficient chess players and—most importantly—as more measured and reasoning young boys and girls.

To determine whether your child should be placed in beginner, intermediate or advanced, view the general instructional itinerary below. If you are still not certain after speaking with your child and perusing our itinerary, place them in our beginner class and leave it to us to evaluate them and place them where they belong. With that said, to get an idea of your child’s Chess I.Q. consider having them take our “Test Out of Phase 1 Booklet Quiz”, grade it using this link, if your child is able to earn a score of 9 out of 10 they should be considered advanced, if they earn 6-8 out of 10 consider them intermediate, if they earn a score of anything less than 6, consider them beginners. We recommend that all students start off by completing our Phase 1 booklet especially if they are not able to score 90% or better on our Test Out of Phase 1 Quiz.