Who are we

Founded in 2002, Chess Tutors, a diverse, talented cadre of dedicated tutors have collectively reached an estimated 100,000 elementary school students and by extension their parents with the game of life, chess. Many parents, communities and school districts consider our Company “Chess Tutors” the “Head Start program of chess” because of our success in capturing the imagination, interest and enthusiasm of previously uninitiated children for this ancient game of Kings. Using cool songs, stories and motivational material, from Palos Verdes to Compton, from Manhattan Beach to Orange County and from East LA to Beverly Hills we have demonstrated our motto of making “serious learning fun” while appealing to a widely varying demographic of children.
In effect, we are the ones who ensure that chess makes a good first impression. While the overwhelming majority of chess programs may to varying degrees do a fine job of teaching the mechanics of the game, strategy and overall board consciousness, we on the other hand are far more concerned with encouraging lifemasters than we are chess masters. We do this by teaching children how to apply the lessons of the board to their everyday critical decision making.