Club Chess Tutors Virtual Program


Our Club Chess Tutors Virtual (Mastery-based) Progression Program has five components to ensure our students success:

  • Clearly outlined lesson plans
  • Definition of Mastery
  • Assessment of Mastery
  • Learning Pathway
  • Evaluation Reports
  • Award System (i.e. Graduation Badges/Gift Cards)


Our Club Chess Tutors Virtual Program also offers Families a Custom Fit Approach to Scheduling:

  • Enables participants to switch as often as they like to timeslots that best suit their schedule (up to the number of classes parents register for)

We currently offer 4 levels of mastery:

  • Beginner Badge Tier 1, Beginner/Intermediate Badge Tier 2, Intermediate/Advanced Badge Tier 3, and Certified Advanced Badge Tier 4.
  • To view the curriculum for a given Badge Level, click on a badge below
  • Mastery of the material within each Tier level is the goal. Hence, all registrants will be evaluated on the first day and placed in the class that is most suitable for them based on our assessment of their performance.

  • Our Certified Advanced Tier 4 Levels of Mastery will encompass two certification levels (bringing our curriculum to 5 total Tier Levels). All of which will be made known to those who graduate and earn all of the first three levels of mastery

Which level should I register my child for?

  • Following a brief automated evaluation during the first day of class, students will be broken up into groups according to skill level.
  • Based on the number instructors and our assessment of your child’s evaluation report (on day 1) we will determine which Tier Level your child will take part in. Hence, you don’t need to register for a given Tier Level, leave that to us to decide.

Click here to learn a little bit about our award system